Shabby Background

Where were you on 9/11?

I was working as the school nurse when I heard the news.  Everyone gathered into one of the classrooms to watch television.  At first, no one believed it.  Then, as the reality sunk in, a great sadness and fear set in.  Confusion also set in.  We could not wrap our heads around what we were witnessing.  We were under attack.  Would this be a war in the United States?  How could this be? Cell phones stopped working. We couldn't reach our loved ones.  We had no answers - only questions and so much fear.  Our hearts were breaking.  We were "lost".

Today, I saw many of the faces of those who lost their lives that day.  My prayers and thoughts of hope go out to those who lost their lives, those who survived and those who were so very brave.

We must not let the evil people who are responsible for this and those who remain evil in this world make us afraid or take away our spirit.  Have faith in God and each other.  We are no longer lost.  We will stand together and remember and grow stronger.

Sending love on this day.