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Decoupage Jeans!
So chic for for your little one or even YOU!

In this sample, I used fabrics from Henry Alexander in pinks, purples, yellows with hearts, butterflies and peace signs!  They are so much fun.  The jeans have a "raggety" appearance.   Orders for these jeans can be placed by just sending an email or watching my eBay store for new postings!

Have fun!  These are wonderful for Holidays, too!  Valentine's Day, Birthdays, Halloween, or just to stand out in the crowd!

Collage of the different fabrics used to make the "decoupage" fabric.

See you Soon!

Just another day in Stitches!

Merry Christmas to Me!
My Brand New 6 Needle Babylock BMP9!

Now I can embroider my heart out!

Now I can embroidery lunch boxes, insulated totes, jeans legs, hats and more!
Nothing is out of my reach! Yaaah!


Larger Insulated Totes Also!
They come in lots of colors!

I can still ship for Christmas so hurry to my eBay store and order your
customized gifts!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All!

Boutique Designer Decoupage Jeans Almost Ready :)

Here is a sneak peak!

I just love the way these custom one of a kind boutique style jeans are such a must for the
little ones!  They can be so much fun.  I think these jeans will take you back to the
hippie days !  Match these up with a monogrammed sweatshirt or tee.

Look back this weekend for the pictures!

Each pair of jeans will be one of a kind and custom made with your chosen colors.
Right now, we are working on anything Christmas! Of course, though, you
may choose whatever colors your little one likes. 

By the way, we will also design jeans for you "Big Girls" out there, too!

These jeans are just fabulous - as always !

Just In Time for Christmas!

New colors that are so fashionable!

These backpacks style bags can be used as a backpack, diaper bag, netbook carrier, gym bag!

The possibilities are endless! 

The bag, of course, includes your monogram or name!  Custom designs are also available.

You may visit my eBay store (LaDiDa Embroidery Boutique) or my website for more information.

Thank you and Enjoy!

God Bless Our Troops Leaving For Afghanistan
God Speed Your Safe Return

Just wanted to give my grandson best wishes and prayers!

Please support our troops!

You may not agree with the War in Afghanistan nor its politics,
but please honor our soldiers who honor us.

Thank You :)
New Collapsible Market Totes

Great for Shopping, Knitting, Crafts,

or Set Out for Display !

Beautiful Colors

Personalized FREE!


Check them out in my eBay Store

Just search LaDiDa Embroidery Boutique !

or just send me an email and I will send you an invoice through paypal.

You will love these baskets!


I have some great new stock coming in next week!
Here is just a sampling :))
Stock is already limited even before it arrives!Pink Skulls, pink and lavender, pink damask
All in time for back to school!
Don't wait to order!
These items sell out very, very quickly and sometimes
we have to wait months for new stock to arrive :(

We can begin working on your custom designs right away!

Email me to reserve yours today!

Thank You!

Here I am today in my Pink Kitchenaid Kitchen with my Pink Cupcake apron on!  What will I be baking today? I think it will be my Banana Split Cupcakes!  Did you see them baked on DC Cupcakes?  Wow! They looked delicious and all the firefighters loved them!  Since I have to supply the firehouse with cupcakes now, I think these just might be just the thing! 

Still have to embroider a pink toile backpack today, too!  It's that time of year again, so order yours early so you will be ready for back to school!


This was so much fun to make - especially for Mariah!

Her Daddy is leaving for Afghanistan in 2 weeks.  She is 5 weeks old.
God Speed and Protect them all!

Well, it appears that my cupcakes were a hit at the firehouse!  I made 2 dozen for 8 firefighters.  The cupcakes were made with vanilla flavoring and vanilla pudding.  I then dipped them in chocolate ganache.  After that, I swirled almond buttercream on the top!  I am so happy that they were a hit!  If you want the recipe, just email me.  I am always happy to share a successful recipe! 

LaDiDa Sweet Tooth !

What fun this is!  I was picked in an Etsy Treasury!  The Pink items have always been very, very popular! I don't think pink will ever go out of style!  And. pink goes with almost everything! Makes us look younger, too! If I can't find it in pink, I can always add a pink bow or ribbon!

Thank you cjblue for choosing me!
This will definitely be on my first to fix list! Sounds much like an elair :) My new favorite hobby - besides embroidery - decorating cakes and cupcakes and making yummy things for dessert! Vegan and healthy eating is what I do for my main meals, but when it comes to desserts, no fat free or sugar free for me! Some of my newest cakes are on my facebook page. Come see!

Boston Cream Cupcakes
My new favorite hobby! Cupcakes, Cakes and Decorating them to be scrumptious! Really love the chocolate recipes. Can't wait to try this one!

Cappuccino Cupcakes
Tonight, I will not post any pretty bags.  I will not post any new projects.  Tonight, I will tell you a story.

Tonight, my grandson left for California to train for a couple of weeks before he deploys to Afghanistan. He will leave behind is 2 little daughters, one who is 6 weeks old and one who is 5 years old.  What is this madness that Obama has involved us in?  Our young men are dying, being wounded, being separated from their families and experiencing horrors that they should never have to face.  Tonight is a sad night that I share with so many other families.  It is a bond that has been thrust upon us.  To the Afghan people: We do not want to be in your country at war.  Our President has forced this upon us.  Do not blame the average American family.  We are as sad as you....
Decided to add pink and brown bows to the brown monogram on my pink toile duffle bags. Very, very cute and the color combination is stunning !  Brown remains a really big color for this fall and winter.  These duffles are very roomy - a full 21 inches.  I can't begin to tell you how many uses there are for this duffle bag.  Great for summer camp, off to college, vacation, weekender, etc.  Don't travel with a dull "manly" bag! Order yours today.  Also, please check out my website for other colors - just in case you are not a "pink" person :)
My new Diaper Cake !  Yaaah !  This one was made for little Mariah. I think next time I will personalize the ribbons with the Baby's name.  I used pure silk ribbons on this cake.  Came out pretty cute!  It was alot of fun making it.  The center of the cake is stuffed with baby powder, desitin ointment and bottles.  I used the Pampers Infant Senstive Diapers.  It was a hit at the shower today!  I plan on making alot more of them and experimenting with different themes and personalization.  I also tied it up in a large piece of pink tulle with a pink tulle bow on top!  It was great!

Check back soon to see the new Personalized Diaper Cakes!  The ribbons will have a wider width to show off the baby's name.   They can be shipped by priority mail in one single unit.  You can then add any little gifts that you might want to give.  The sample sizes of baby products fit nicely in between the diapers.  You can add rattles, bottles, thermometers, pacifiers, powder, toys, teething rings - well, just about anything!  You can make it as simple or elegant as you choose!

Have fun!

New in Stock!

Pink Toile Garment Bags to match your Pink Toile Duffle Bags or Pink Toile Backpacks.

These bags are limited to be sure to order yours early.

We just provided the "New England Belles" Beauty Pageant with their new garment bags!

You may visit:
or you may visit my eBay store to purchase.

Bag will be monogrammed or personalized.

So cute and girly!

Thank you !
Now stocking NEW Camouflage 21 inch Duffles for Boys and Girls

Monogrammed or Personalized FREE !

Please visit my website:

You also may order from my eBay store!  We will be posting these bags this week. 

They are great for summer travel, off to camp or sleepovers!  These bags are a full 21 inches !

If you can't wait for the listing, just email me!

Thank You and Enjoy !
Isn't this the cutest yet?  New Jelly Bean Monograms will look great on backpacks, diaper bags or duffles!

Colors can be changed to coordinate with your bags!  Great for onsies, too!

Please visit for details!
Great New Diaper Bags Have Arrived!  So cute!  We only have stocked a few, so order yours early.  The monogram or name will be placed on the upper front flap in a coordinating color.  Comes with changing pad.  These are great for new moms or as gifts for baby showers.  Please send email with any questions. Thank you!
Just for fun - This is my little Pink Tree that I can decorate and enjoy all year long!  I needed a little break from embroidery and sewing, so I thought I would have a little creative fun !  Since it is so close to Valentine's Day, I decided to use my Cricut expression (pink also) and make hearts and kisses for my little tree!  I just love being Pink and Prissy!  The cartridge I used is the new Love Struck mini cartridge. I used pink vinyl and pink hearts cardstock.  I also used stickles to add  a little bling!  Then I used a hole punch and gold ribbons to hang the valentines on the tree! Voila! I have lots more to make before Valentine's Day, but this is a good start!  I hope it makes you smile :)))

This is the first in our new line of Market Totes - Isn't this Zebra and Pink just great?  This is a collapsible tote and is great for shopping, sewing or knitting.  Actually, it is great for anything! Now you won't have to worry about who used your shopper before you! We will be stocking many other colors, but for now, we fell in love with the Zebra ! Have fun!
Gorgeous New Pink and Lime Floral and Dot Duffle Bags - Large bags - a full 21 inches! We could only stock a few of these, so order yours quickly.  Add your name or monogram. This bag is one of the prettiest!  I just love this bag!

Love My New Vinyl Wall Art!  Instead of applying it directly to the wall, I have created framed wall hangings!  Of course, the vinyl wall art looks super on the walls and can be made much larger, but I kind of like this look also!  This is a large framed piece and looks great in bedrooms or really just any where! I also have just about every stick person for auto windows.  They are really fun!  Families just love these.  I will soon be offering my Vinyl Art Work on my website. Vinyl Art Work can remain on your walls for about 2 years with no fear of damage. It can easily be removed with a hair dryer - so no fear of having something permanent if you decide to redecorate! Wall art is great for children's rooms. Check back often for more of my Wall Art Work! Thank You!
Beginning in February,  I will be offering a custom
monogram/name digitizing service.
At times, some of our embroidery folks just need a quick monogram,
name (especially stacked monograms) that they can stitch out on their
own personal items.
  I will design and convert the monogram
or name to any format and size.

Please visit my website and look under Customer Samples for my
past designs and monograms. 
Check back for details or email if if you can't wait!

Just another day in stitches!
We are still checking daily for our back ordered bags !
We are patiently awaiting our new stock.  Hopefully, within the next
couple of weeks everything will be back in.
We will be offering some great new designs - even tattoo !
Check back often !

There is nothing like a gorgeous, personalized pink duffle bag!

We still have pink toile in stock, but they are going quickly.

Each duffle is personalized and oh so cute!

We also still have pink gingham ballet duffles in stock.

Just another day in stitches :))
Happy New Year !!!

My New Years Resolutions.

1.  Work out and eat healthy.

2.  Try and keep Resolution #1.

Live, Love and Laugh.