Shabby Background

I must thank Georgia Power Company for coming to the rescue in Virginia!

Our power is back on and we are open for business!

Thank You so much for your patience!

Hurricane Irene has knocked us for a loop!

We have no  power and have lots of trees down, therefore,

Dominion Power does not know when I will get my power back!

We have temporarily closed our stores.

I can't sew without power :)))

Please check back and hopefully we will be up and running soon!

Thank You!


Please, to all my lovely customers and those who are not.

Please stay safe during this hurricane.

Everything you own can be replaced - YOU and your families cannot.

I send you prayers and good wishes.


LaDiDa Lady

Just relaxing a little !

Got lots of Back to School Bags to Sew!

Just listed more Hippie/Boho Bags on my website.

These have been really popular bags!

They are lots of fun!

You just must go to this link for a Gorgeous Bag Giveaway!

Gypsy Brocante

Gorgeous Vintage Style Boho Bags that are fit for the Royals!

You won't be disappointed!

Join her Blog and visit her on Etsy!

Eye Candy!