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Now that you have your new eReaders
be sure to order your custom covers!

The orders are starting to come in now! lol

You may view many of my covers on my Facebook Page
I have lots of samples :)

Just search for LaDiDa Lady Boutique
That will open up my photo albums!

Send me an email and we'll try to fix you right up!

Thank you for all your support!

The LaDiDa Lady

Please place your custom Xmas Orders by December 15th :)

Well, we are getting closer!  My how time flies !
Please place your monogramming orders by December 15th.  I might be able to complete a few last minute requests, but to ensure timely delivery, it is best to place your orders now, please.
We still have laptop cases, backpacks, lunch totes and other really cute items.
Many are still on sale!
Just visit my eBay Store for more information.
Thanks so much!

Ho! Ho! Ho!

The Christmas Rush is Beginning!

We have great new laptop/netbook cases that are so much fun! 
We also have custom eReader covers.

Custom items must be ordered early to ensure Christmas Delivery so let's get started!  Cases can be personalized with your name or monogram!

All items are listed on my website and eBay Store!

And What About eReader Cases!

Each eReader case is custom designed!

We have many samples on my Facebook Page for your review!
Just search for "LaDiDa Embroidery Boutique", click like,
and browse through my photo albums for ideas!

Have fun!

Fall Sale !

Well, we finally cleaned up from Hurricane Irene, the East Coast Earth Quake and
Tropical Storm Nate!


We decided to have a SALE!

Most Items Are Marked 10% OFF for one week!

Shop Early for Xmas Gifts!

Thank You!
The LaDiDa Lady
Where were you on 9/11?

I was working as the school nurse when I heard the news.  Everyone gathered into one of the classrooms to watch television.  At first, no one believed it.  Then, as the reality sunk in, a great sadness and fear set in.  Confusion also set in.  We could not wrap our heads around what we were witnessing.  We were under attack.  Would this be a war in the United States?  How could this be? Cell phones stopped working. We couldn't reach our loved ones.  We had no answers - only questions and so much fear.  Our hearts were breaking.  We were "lost".

Today, I saw many of the faces of those who lost their lives that day.  My prayers and thoughts of hope go out to those who lost their lives, those who survived and those who were so very brave.

We must not let the evil people who are responsible for this and those who remain evil in this world make us afraid or take away our spirit.  Have faith in God and each other.  We are no longer lost.  We will stand together and remember and grow stronger.

Sending love on this day.

I must thank Georgia Power Company for coming to the rescue in Virginia!

Our power is back on and we are open for business!

Thank You so much for your patience!

Hurricane Irene has knocked us for a loop!

We have no  power and have lots of trees down, therefore,

Dominion Power does not know when I will get my power back!

We have temporarily closed our stores.

I can't sew without power :)))

Please check back and hopefully we will be up and running soon!

Thank You!


Please, to all my lovely customers and those who are not.

Please stay safe during this hurricane.

Everything you own can be replaced - YOU and your families cannot.

I send you prayers and good wishes.


LaDiDa Lady

Just relaxing a little !

Got lots of Back to School Bags to Sew!

Just listed more Hippie/Boho Bags on my website.

These have been really popular bags!

They are lots of fun!

You just must go to this link for a Gorgeous Bag Giveaway!

Gypsy Brocante

Gorgeous Vintage Style Boho Bags that are fit for the Royals!

You won't be disappointed!

Join her Blog and visit her on Etsy!

Eye Candy!

Taking time out today to Thank God for the
safe return of my grandson from Afghanistan.
He just arrived back in the USA today!

I still pray for all of the men and women who are left there.

I pray for their safe return soon.

I will never forget you and your families in my prayers :)))

I know many of you never forgot me and mine.

Sending Hugs and Love !

OK!  Can you tell I just LOVE PINK BAGS!

Here are just a few that I plan to carry on my website and in my eBay Store!

You must get yours before they sell out!

Especially, if you are a PINK person - just like me!

Thank You !

We now will be carrying these really cute Cosmetic Bags!  They come in lots of colors, too !

These make great gifts for graduates, bridesmaids, or really just everyone !

You may check my website at or just send me an email!

Thank You!

The LaDiDa Lady

Beautiful New Storybook Font !

This new font is so elegant and will look beautiful on our backpacks, duffles, handbags, lunch totes or just about anything!  I am so excited to be offering this lovely font.  Be sure to order your backpacks early for back to school.  You would be surprised how fast the summer just slips away!

Thank you!
Gorgeous New Backpacks Posting in my eBay Store week of May 1st! 

Earth Friendly!
Cotton or Jute, Recycled Fabrics, Lined in recycled denim jeans fabric.

These bags are also monogrammable!

Be sure to order yours!  These bags are all one of kind.  No pattern is exactly repeated!
Quantity is limited.

You may find my eBay Store Link on the right of this Blog!

Thank You!

Great New Design!   Vampiress !  This eReader cover can be made to fit most eReaders including Nooks, Kindles, Cruz, etc.  All you have to do is send me your eReader Dimensions.

Each cover is very well padded with fleece batting, yet supple enough to bend in half for reading.  Makes it so much easier!  I love to use ribbons as closures.  I do not use magnets due their close proximity to the actual electronic reader.  Bad combo!

Has 2 pockets on left.  One large pocket where you can store your eReader while not in use.  Or, papers or whatever you like.  Right beneath the large pocket is one smaller pocket for little notes, etc.    The right side of the lining has 4 fabric trianges which hold the eReader securely.  The sample below shows the Velocity Cruz eReader.

I have always like to fold my cover in half to read. I find that it is far more comfortable that way. 

For more information please visit my eBay Store.  Then, if you have any more questions, just send me a quick email!  I will be happy to work with you on providing you with the best possible product!
The link to my eBay Store is listed on the right of this Blog :)))

Thanks and Happy Reading!

 Wonderful new Ballet and Cheerleader Designs may be added to your Dance Bags or Backpacks!  Colors and names may be substituted to suit your needs!

These look wonderful on our Duffle Bags ! 

They also work very well on totes, too!  We have lots of pink totes in light pink and dark pink. 

Summer is the time for new ballet classes to begin and for cheerleaders to begin their cheering season!

Please visit my eBay Store for more details :))

Thank you so much!

My ebay store link is posted on the right of this blog!

The LaDiDa Lady

Custom Embroidered Firefighter Hats

As you can see, the guys at Station 18 wanted to design their own hats!
Some have one color, some have 2 colors. 
Some are outlined in a contrasting color
I also added the last name to the back of the hat just to make it a little more personal.
The hats are listed in my eBay Store
Just send an email for more information!
We also embroider
1. Monogram Hats
2. Bride and Groom Hats
3. Personalized Name Hats
4. Message Hats


This might just be my favorite eReader Cover of all!
This one was really fun to sew!

I just love the little cats! 
I might just have to re-think the "shabby" and branch out a little! lol.

This cover was made to fit the Nook Color.  My covers are made to order and
will fit the Nook, Nook Color, Kindles and Cruz.  I just sent out one for
a PanDigital, too!  If you send me the measurements of your eReader, I can
adjust the pattern for you!

The covers are for sale in my Ebay Store, so please come and visit me!

Thank you!
The LaDiDa Lady

Dots and more Dots!

I am just loving making these eReader Covers!

I have so many new ideas for them so check back soon!

I have recently purchased many specialty fabrics from

Flights of Fancy along with jewels and ribbons for them!

Can't wait to get started :)))

The LaDiDa Lady

Inside of Cover

Monogram on lower

Inside of EPN
Fits Original Nook

These eReader Covers were custom made for "Connie" and "Beth" for their Nook Colors
As you can see, they picked some beautiful fabrics from my stash of "shabby cottage chics" !

They were very happy and so was I!

I have lots of shabby pinks and other fun style fabrics !

Each cover can be personalized !

Please visit my Etsy store to order yours !



Aren't these caddys just the Cutest!
You can use them for almost anything you can dream up!

1. Personalized Easter Basket that lasts a lifetime!
2.  Beach Caddy
3.  Diaper Caddy
4.  Mother's Day Gardening Caddy

Each Caddy will be monogrammed with you name or 3 letter monogram!

Each bag is insulated and so, so many pockets!

Please visit my eBay store or website to purchase!