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God Bless Our Troops Leaving For Afghanistan
God Speed Your Safe Return

Just wanted to give my grandson best wishes and prayers!

Please support our troops!

You may not agree with the War in Afghanistan nor its politics,
but please honor our soldiers who honor us.

Thank You :)
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Here I am today in my Pink Kitchenaid Kitchen with my Pink Cupcake apron on!  What will I be baking today? I think it will be my Banana Split Cupcakes!  Did you see them baked on DC Cupcakes?  Wow! They looked delicious and all the firefighters loved them!  Since I have to supply the firehouse with cupcakes now, I think these just might be just the thing! 

Still have to embroider a pink toile backpack today, too!  It's that time of year again, so order yours early so you will be ready for back to school!