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Ribbon Flip Flop Tutorial
I offer these really cute flip flops in my Etsy Shop
many of you are very crafty and might just like to make your own so
here is a short and sweet tutorial on HOW TO!

1.  Any flip flops will do.  The Gel flip flops are
very inexpensive and easy to find and work great!
2.  Now for the hard part.  Gather lots of fabrics!  LOTS!
You may also use yarns, strings, curly ribbon - anything.
Have your pinking shears handy.
Start cutting.
Cut strips about 1" x 5-6 inches each.
If you want your flip flops full and lush, keep cutting and cutting.
You need a mountain of strips! :)))
When you think you have enough strips - keep cutting!
3.  Now that you have enough strips, start tying.
Take one strip at a time and start at the toe by tying the strip
in a "double" knot on the flip flop strap. 

Be sure to make your knots lay on the top of the flip flop strap.
If they are underneath the strap, they will prove to be uncomfortable!

4.  After each strip is tied, push it tighly towards the front toe area.
5.  Keep adding ties to make the flip flop full and lush. 
6.  Add strips all the way to the side ends of the flip flops!
7.  Once your straps are full, use pinking shears to trim the ribbons.
Trim the ribbons to form a uniform shape.

8.  Trim the strips that lay over the flip flop footbed area so that they do not hang over.  If you do not trim that area, you would "step" on the ribbons!

That's it!

Add all sorts of bling!  Yarns, Ribbons, curly q's, buttons, etc.

These are just wonderful for cheer teams, too.

If you have any questions, please send me a message or email!

If you just do not have the time to make your own, I will be happy to make some for you.

Have fun!
LaDiDa Lady