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I have redesigned my Hat Bands for my Sun Hats!

Each Hat will now come with a ruffle hat band and either a bow or flower attached!

Now your bows and flowers can be re-positionable with ease!

The bow or flower is also removable from the band so if you
find yourself wanted to add anything else - it's now easy as pie!

Hope you like them!

Available NOW in my Etsy Store!

We have White, Black, Pink or Red Hats !

Most ribbon colors are available, too.

Bows are in Black, Bright Pink, Light Pink or White.

Summer is here - Get Yours While I have them in stock!

They are my best sellers :))))

Thank You!

The LaDiDa Lady

Been sewing my fancy hats today!

I just love a "prissy girl" !

Listed now in my Etsy Store or eBay Store !

We have White, Red, Pink or Black in Stock !

Email me for YOURS !

Well, I wore my big pink hat to my grandson's graduation!
It was a hit!
He certainly could find me in the crowd! :))

I still have some left in stock.
I have many colors in ribbons, flowers and embellishments, too!

This hat was just so much fun!

You can find them in my Etsy Store.
(Link on the right)

Have fun and enjoy !