Shabby Background

My new Diaper Cake !  Yaaah !  This one was made for little Mariah. I think next time I will personalize the ribbons with the Baby's name.  I used pure silk ribbons on this cake.  Came out pretty cute!  It was alot of fun making it.  The center of the cake is stuffed with baby powder, desitin ointment and bottles.  I used the Pampers Infant Senstive Diapers.  It was a hit at the shower today!  I plan on making alot more of them and experimenting with different themes and personalization.  I also tied it up in a large piece of pink tulle with a pink tulle bow on top!  It was great!

Check back soon to see the new Personalized Diaper Cakes!  The ribbons will have a wider width to show off the baby's name.   They can be shipped by priority mail in one single unit.  You can then add any little gifts that you might want to give.  The sample sizes of baby products fit nicely in between the diapers.  You can add rattles, bottles, thermometers, pacifiers, powder, toys, teething rings - well, just about anything!  You can make it as simple or elegant as you choose!

Have fun!