Shabby Background

Tonight, I will not post any pretty bags.  I will not post any new projects.  Tonight, I will tell you a story.

Tonight, my grandson left for California to train for a couple of weeks before he deploys to Afghanistan. He will leave behind is 2 little daughters, one who is 6 weeks old and one who is 5 years old.  What is this madness that Obama has involved us in?  Our young men are dying, being wounded, being separated from their families and experiencing horrors that they should never have to face.  Tonight is a sad night that I share with so many other families.  It is a bond that has been thrust upon us.  To the Afghan people: We do not want to be in your country at war.  Our President has forced this upon us.  Do not blame the average American family.  We are as sad as you....
Decided to add pink and brown bows to the brown monogram on my pink toile duffle bags. Very, very cute and the color combination is stunning !  Brown remains a really big color for this fall and winter.  These duffles are very roomy - a full 21 inches.  I can't begin to tell you how many uses there are for this duffle bag.  Great for summer camp, off to college, vacation, weekender, etc.  Don't travel with a dull "manly" bag! Order yours today.  Also, please check out my website for other colors - just in case you are not a "pink" person :)