Shabby Background

This was so much fun to make - especially for Mariah!

Her Daddy is leaving for Afghanistan in 2 weeks.  She is 5 weeks old.
God Speed and Protect them all!

Well, it appears that my cupcakes were a hit at the firehouse!  I made 2 dozen for 8 firefighters.  The cupcakes were made with vanilla flavoring and vanilla pudding.  I then dipped them in chocolate ganache.  After that, I swirled almond buttercream on the top!  I am so happy that they were a hit!  If you want the recipe, just email me.  I am always happy to share a successful recipe! 

LaDiDa Sweet Tooth !

What fun this is!  I was picked in an Etsy Treasury!  The Pink items have always been very, very popular! I don't think pink will ever go out of style!  And. pink goes with almost everything! Makes us look younger, too! If I can't find it in pink, I can always add a pink bow or ribbon!

Thank you cjblue for choosing me!
This will definitely be on my first to fix list! Sounds much like an elair :) My new favorite hobby - besides embroidery - decorating cakes and cupcakes and making yummy things for dessert! Vegan and healthy eating is what I do for my main meals, but when it comes to desserts, no fat free or sugar free for me! Some of my newest cakes are on my facebook page. Come see!

Boston Cream Cupcakes
My new favorite hobby! Cupcakes, Cakes and Decorating them to be scrumptious! Really love the chocolate recipes. Can't wait to try this one!

Cappuccino Cupcakes