Shabby Background

These eReader Covers were custom made for "Connie" and "Beth" for their Nook Colors
As you can see, they picked some beautiful fabrics from my stash of "shabby cottage chics" !

They were very happy and so was I!

I have lots of shabby pinks and other fun style fabrics !

Each cover can be personalized !

Please visit my Etsy store to order yours !



Aren't these caddys just the Cutest!
You can use them for almost anything you can dream up!

1. Personalized Easter Basket that lasts a lifetime!
2.  Beach Caddy
3.  Diaper Caddy
4.  Mother's Day Gardening Caddy

Each Caddy will be monogrammed with you name or 3 letter monogram!

Each bag is insulated and so, so many pockets!

Please visit my eBay store or website to purchase!


Personalized eReader cover for your Nook, Kindle, iPad or Cruz !

Be Special!

Now, aren't these fun? You can personalize your eReader covers with fun fabrics and lots of bling!
Personally, I think Shabby Chic is the best!  We have lots of other fun fabrics, though!

Polka Dots
Henry Alexander
and lots more!

Please visit my website for more information and order yours!

Each cover is made to the specifications of your eReader

1. All fabrics are interfaced
2. 3 vertical pockets inside for papers, credit cards, etc.
3. Closes with ribbon ties
4. Extra padding with batting and fleece

Don't settle for just an ordinary eReader Cover!