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Great New Design!   Vampiress !  This eReader cover can be made to fit most eReaders including Nooks, Kindles, Cruz, etc.  All you have to do is send me your eReader Dimensions.

Each cover is very well padded with fleece batting, yet supple enough to bend in half for reading.  Makes it so much easier!  I love to use ribbons as closures.  I do not use magnets due their close proximity to the actual electronic reader.  Bad combo!

Has 2 pockets on left.  One large pocket where you can store your eReader while not in use.  Or, papers or whatever you like.  Right beneath the large pocket is one smaller pocket for little notes, etc.    The right side of the lining has 4 fabric trianges which hold the eReader securely.  The sample below shows the Velocity Cruz eReader.

I have always like to fold my cover in half to read. I find that it is far more comfortable that way. 

For more information please visit my eBay Store.  Then, if you have any more questions, just send me a quick email!  I will be happy to work with you on providing you with the best possible product!
The link to my eBay Store is listed on the right of this Blog :)))

Thanks and Happy Reading!

 Wonderful new Ballet and Cheerleader Designs may be added to your Dance Bags or Backpacks!  Colors and names may be substituted to suit your needs!

These look wonderful on our Duffle Bags ! 

They also work very well on totes, too!  We have lots of pink totes in light pink and dark pink. 

Summer is the time for new ballet classes to begin and for cheerleaders to begin their cheering season!

Please visit my eBay Store for more details :))

Thank you so much!

My ebay store link is posted on the right of this blog!

The LaDiDa Lady

Custom Embroidered Firefighter Hats

As you can see, the guys at Station 18 wanted to design their own hats!
Some have one color, some have 2 colors. 
Some are outlined in a contrasting color
I also added the last name to the back of the hat just to make it a little more personal.
The hats are listed in my eBay Store
Just send an email for more information!
We also embroider
1. Monogram Hats
2. Bride and Groom Hats
3. Personalized Name Hats
4. Message Hats