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My Thread Box
Never need color charts again! So easy to use software!
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"Garden Party Bags"

Romantic Vintage Bags

My new line of bags will be posted to eBay and my website

this week!

Aren't they fun !
I will be using many more colorful and beautiful fabrics and trims.
Each bag will host a different lady.
Check back soon!

Just another day in stitches !

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, it did! Another supplier of loopy ribbons found my website and contacted me today! Now I won't have to hand make all of my ribbon loops. Should make my vintage bags lush and romantic. I worked most of the day designing and re-designing bags - almost done! I know, I know, I have said that before, but this time it is true!

It is always fun providing monogrammed bags for customers, but I find the new bag designing process so much fun and rewarding. I usually work on my Bella Fiori Bags in the fall and winter. Now it is nearly spring, and I feel the need to create color, texture and romance ! I think a girl can never have too many bags, too many shoes, too much mascara or too much chocolate!

I also spent the day struggling with my serger. I think it is just tired - like me today!

My new search will be for beautiful fabrics - brocades, velvets, silks to add to my bags. It is like an old time scavenger hunt!

My vintage line will bring us back to a far simpler and kinder time. We can remember our grandparents and all that that includes.

Oh, and don't forget the little girl's spring dresses. I will once again be providing you with custom pillowcase dresses! They can be monogrammed or personalized. They are really cute and prissy.

Check back soon!
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Embroidery Barnyard at Work and Play !

Worked all day on my new line of Vintage Bags! Hopefully, the 1st will be posted by the end of this week. Each time I think I have designed it exactly the way I want, I find new inspiration! With all of the beautiful ribbons, loops, silks and fabrics, I just can't make up my mind.

The pink toile backpacks have been flying out like hotcakes! The new monogram designs are really cute! The designs are especially cute on beach towels. Thank goodness spring is almost here! The winter has been a long one. I have to sew another diaper bag tonight before I can go back to the Vintage Bags!

I will be setting up shop with a friend in her Art Shop soon! I just can't wait. Should be fun.

Our Bella Fiori Bags

Beautiful one of a kind, freeform art bags. Each bag is lined

with tons of pockets. So many styles to choose from.

I love designing & creating my new bella fiori bags. It usually

takes me 1 -2 weeks to complete one, but it is not only great

fun, but rewarding to see the finished product.

Check back soon for pictures of my new romantic vintage line! So feminine and artsy!

Hugs !
Yippee! I found my ribbons! I have been looking for months for the exact ribbons that I need for my vintage bags and today was the day! I found a supplier !!! I ordered yards and yards of ribbon. Now I will have to work myself to death making my trims for my new Vintage Bags! I am so happy, I could bust!!!